Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#OwnVoices Reviews

Throughout September we posted a daily review of a book we recommended that represented #OwnVoices. We hope you all enjoyed reading the reviews as much as we enjoyed writing them. There's nothing quite like connecting readers with good books!

We never had trouble finding a book a day to review, and, in fact, we had more books on our initial list than there were days in September. And that's not counting the books that are still coming in. So we're going to keep going. Not daily, but off and on, as we find books we especially want everyone to know about and read.

Unfortunately, there continue to be new books published every year with stereotypes, inaccuracies, and inauthentic points of view. We'll still write about them and call attention to them. But one way to counter these problematic books is to hold up the really good books that are out there that do get it right. And we hope publishers will continue to find and publish #OwnVoices so we all can continue to read them and share them with children and teens.