Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Roundup of Links, pre-ALA Edition

This time of the year can be a bit wild for those of us in the children’s literature world. Whether you are a public librarian with crowds of children at your summer reading programs, a school librarian or teacher breathing a sigh of relief after another school year, the parent of a child with the summer ahead of your family, or in some other way busy, we hope you are able to take a few moments of calm each day. Easier said than done!

Here’s a handful of links that are recommended reading:

* The U.S. political landscape is obviously a shitshow right now, but here is a practical look at the ways we as White people can be aware of and help change our behaviors that perpetuate racism.

* More practical advice here, this time on how to support books created by people of color and First/Native Nations.

* Laura Jiménez brings back a letter she wrote in the wake of the Pulse shootings in Orlando last June, and it is an absolute must-read.

* Finally, Edi Campbell takes a look at representation through non-human characters in children’s books, using Anthony Browne’s Voices in the Park as an entryway.

All seven of us will be at ALA this coming weekend in Chicago. If you see one of us, please stop and say hello!

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