Thursday, August 31, 2017

RWW at Two: Looking Back & Moving Forward This September

This September will mark the second anniversary of the Reading While White blog, and there is much work to be done. We are committed to our mission.

To mark our second anniversary, we are planning a series of posts for September to shine the spotlight on amazing books written by creators of color and First/Native Nations authors and illustrators. We will also challenge ourselves to look back and to re-examine beloved texts from our pasts through nostalgia posts. With the help of colleagues who have volunteered to share guest posts, we will also have the opportunity to bring in new voices and ideas as we move forward.

We are reminded of the August 2017 ALSC Community Forum in which Dr. Nicole Cooke recommended Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence by Derald Wing Sue and said, “silence speaks volumes.” As we enter into our third year, we will continue to listen to feedback and to keep speaking out and sharing our reflections, learning, and growth.


Kathi Appelt said...

Happy anniversay y'all. And thanks so much for your ongoing dedication.

I look forward to every post.

Reading While White said...

Thank you for reading, Kathi!